Sunday, February 2, 2014

life lately

i know you heard...atlanta completely fell apart this week. two inches of snow and our city was completely gridlocked. thank goodness for us, mikie was home with skylar tuesday and i was able to jump on a train so we were both home with a glass of wine by five o'clock. i can't say the same for countless other who were stranded on highways for hours and in some cases, over a day. i am very grateful i got home and was able to spend a couple of extra days in the snow with this little one.
who loved every second of it, by the way.
here's a little glimpse of our life this week.

some fun cards i got from sugar paper la. man i love good that wierd?
 like, this arrival made my entire week

the sprinkles cupcake atm is ruining my life. 

i have been going nuts over the paddington bear collection at gap kids. the cutest spring dresses for sky.

my current project: turning my office into a playroom. the toys we acquired over the holidays were taking over my house so we moved our office to our bedroom and above the beginnings of a playroom. my old self is crying over this very parental move. 

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Dana Ivy @ I Adore What I Love said...

Totally in agreement with you about a good letterpress stationary... love what you ordered!!

PS your fam is adorable!

Dana Ivy :)